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Tubefilling machine – shoe - cream

The machine is designed for filling shoe - cream in aluminum, laminate and copolymers tubes. It is based on 12-positional rotary indexing table. Dosage and lifting of the tube is performed by servodrives and other actuators are driven by linear modules with stepper motors. All parts which contact with product and tube are made of stainless steel AiSi316. Feeding of the tubes is semiautomatic from chute. Orientation of the tubes is made automatically by the stepper motor and special marker sensor. Sealing is made by heating with hot air. The control of all processes is performed by a programmable controller SIEMENS / S7-300.

• Cassette magazine for automatic feeding of tubes.


Productivity 60bot./min.
Supply voltage 3x380V/50Hz
Installed power 5kW
Operating pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Dimensions 2500x1100x2200mm

Tubefilling machine – shoe - creamTubefilling machine – shoe - creamTubefilling machine – shoe - cream