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Transport systems

Design and manufacturing of different conveyor systems for the cosmetic, food and flavour industries, as well as for other industrial branches:


  • For building of automatic lines - for transport between different operations
  • For transport of different products


  • Linear, circular, branched;
  • Synchronous (with hard link between positions) and non-synchronous (with flexible link between positions);
  • With or without satellites, with restrictors;
  • Band conveyors, roller conveyors etc.

Additional elements for transport systems:

  • Devices for dividing and joining together of flows
  • Transfer units and lifting units
  • Intermediate devices for gathering of production batches

The conveyor systems are of modular construction.The following components are used for the construction of the conveyors:

  • Basic construction: elements, produced by FLEX LINK (Sweden) or REXROTH BOSCH GERMANY
  • Conveyor bands produced by FLEX LINK (Sweden) and HABASIT (Austria)
  • Geared motor produced by SEW EURODRIVE (Germany)
Transport systemsTransport systemsTransport systems