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Semi-automatic doser PA 1000

The semi-automatic doser is designed for the volumetric dosing of liquid and semi-liquid products, such as shampoos, balsams, creams, chocolate, mayonnaise, juices, cleaning substances etc., in various plastic bottles and cups. Dosage regulation: stepless. Dosing: from 20 ml up to 1000 ml. Technical execution: with or without cylinder for closing the filling nozzle and interruption of the residual drop. Drive- pneumatic drive with stepless regulation of the volumetric dosing.
The semi-automatic doser is designed for the food and chemical industries, as well as for other applications.
•    Standard construction
•    Explosion-proof construction - for dosing of perfumes, eau-de-Cologne etc.
•    CONTROL: by pedal or by buttons


Productivity до 600 cycle/hour
Dosaged volume 50-1000ml
Supply voltage 1x220V/50Hz
Installed power 0.3kW
Operating pressure         0.4-0.6Mpa
Dimensions 1022x300x800mm
Semi-automatic doser PA 1000Semi-automatic doser PA 1000Semi-automatic doser PA 1000